Even though working with emails is a trouble–free task, managing the mailboxes for any website might be a challenging work. If you don’t use an easy to use user interface, like our E Mail Manager that can assist you to complete the task. It includes lots of built–in important tools that will assist you carry out complex things within a few mouse–clicks. Take a look at exactly what the E Mail Manager is capable of doing to suit your needs!

Anti–Spam Protection

Spam will be driven out of your respective email accounts

We’ve created a custom anti–spam tool that uses properly devised sets of rules to filter the arriving messages. Depending on what kind of spam messages you receive, you are able to regulate the levels of defense. Having said that, be careful when using the top level of protection, as it might possibly filter important messages. Also you can define an alternative degree of spam protection for every mailbox you have got.

All junk e–mail messages could be either removed or forwarded to a particular mailbox. You can actually decide which activity you prefer through the anti–spam protection tool’s software.

Hepsia File Manager

Email Forwarding

Reroute emails with merely a mouse–click

Email forwarding is among the more employed tools within the E Mail Manager so we have tried our best so, it will be as elementary as possible. All you need to achieve is choose the email account that you want to make use of and state the mailbox in which you wish the inbound messages to get forwarded to.

In addition, you can choose if the forwarded mailbox also needs to store the emails, or, if, perhaps they will be erased just after being forwarded.

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Email Filters

Organize your mailboxes without hassles

If you receive a large number of e–mail messages every single day, it’s crucial to have them structured. By reason of this our company offers server–side email filters that come into action before you look at your mailbox for new emails. So, in case you set up your unique spam filters, you’ll never find spam inside your mailbox!

Configuring up–to–date email filters is very effortless. You’ll need to specify what the filter needs to seek out, the place that the filter searches for it (subject, body, etc.) as well as what transpires with the filtered emails.

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